Do Vegans Really Have Better Sex Lives?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) angered many meat eaters and vegans for putting out ads over the past couple of years suggesting that a vegan diet drastically improves sexual performance.

Take, for example, the controversial NSFW 2011 ad where a woman is seen wearing a neck brace after taking a hard pounding from her vegan partner.

Despite being unable to walk properly due to the damage done to her nether regions as well as having her neck damaged, the woman is seen smiling after returning home with a bag of vegetables she bought to fuel her partner up for another round.

Then, there was PETA’s most viewed video on YouTube (NSFW), which was initially intended for the Super Bowl but got banned. It shows a split screen of a meat-eating couple and a vegan couple having sex.

The meat-eating man ejaculates prematurely, angering his partner while the vegan couple keep going long after the meat-eating male is dressed and out the door.

The ad concludes: “Last longer. Go vegan.”

So, is it really as simple as men going vegan and suddenly gaining powers to satisfy a woman nonstop and have her running back for multiple rounds? Not exactly. Before I tell you about my experience, let’s look at some studies.

The Science

According to Harvard Health, diet and lifestyle changes like regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating a healthy diet can lead to a more fulfilling sex life.

In particular, heart-healthy diets are the best diets for optimal sexual benefits in both sexes based on studies of men and women around the globe.

So, one key issue to explore is whether a vegan diet is an optimal diet for heart health.

Atherosclerosis, the buildup of fats and cholesterol in the artery wall, affects all the body’s major blood vessels because arteries aren’t able to allow the blood flow. Since the penile arteries are half the size of the arteries in the heart, an unhealthy heart often leads to erectile dysfunction because of the inability of blood to flow down there.

Considering that a whole food, plant-based vegan diet is the only diet proven to prevent, treat and even reverse heart disease, when vegan men eat the right way, they can definitely see benefits to their heart health and most likely their erections.

Athletes Saw Firmer, Longer-Lasting, More Frequent Erections

Take this study by urologist and author of The Penis Book Aaron Spitz who wanted to see just how much of an impact one plant-based meal could have on an athlete’s erection, so he studied three meat-eating college athletes.

In the documentary The Game Changers, he served the men “high-quality, organic beef, chicken and pork” burritos the first night and plant-based burritos the second night.

Both nights their naturally-occurring nocturnal erections were measured while the men slept using a device applied to their penises that monitors the number, duration and fullness of erections.

The athletes had 300-500% more frequent erections after the vegan meal, and their erections were firmer and longer lasting.

While it is an extremely tiny sample, the results were shocking, and if men are able to see those types of results after just one plant-based meal, there’s no saying what eating a plant-based diet long term may be able to do for some men.