Vegan facts that may encourage you to stop eating meat

There are numerous reasons to go vegan. You will be saving lives in the process, and there are plenty of health benefits you will notice as soon as you start your new diet. Here are some of the encouraging facts to become vegan that might change your mind! 

Potential to End World Hunger

Scientists have proved time and again that eating plant-based food is more sustainable. As more and more people are willing to become vegans, the positive effect on the planet is increasing. But it is not yet time to celebrate. The reason why being vegan can end world hunger is simple. 


If we take a look at the statistics, thirty-sex percent of all crops are fed to farm animals. However, only twelve percent of those calories are returned back and reach the human diet. It is more than obvious that there is a significant loss along the way. In fact, we are losing two-thirds of all the calories that could be used to feed people across the globe. 


And the primary reason why everyone needs to start thinking about the solution is that there are so many people starving at the moment. Yet, we keep ignoring the answer that’s been in front of our noses the whole time. 

Cuts Your Carbon Footprint

We keep hearing stories about our environment and how our lifestyles affect nature and everything around us. If you decide to go vegan, you will be able to change the world and make it healthier. What we mean by this is that vegans are reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses


These include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane. Meat consumption only increases the numbers and makes the situation even worse. Factory farms spend a lot of energy. You need water and grain for the animals, only to slaughter them and transport them somewhere else. Every step of the process releases an insane number of greenhouse gases, including animals themselves. 


Raising animals for food is one of the biggest factors for the environment, and it is estimated that vegans’ carbon footprint is half of what meat lovers produce. So, the simplest way to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere is to go vegan.

Vegans Live Longer

Let’s talk about health. Consuming animal products is known to cause problems. Vegetarians and vegans live longer compared to meat-eaters. And if you check out the Western diet, you will notice how many health-related problems there are. And they are quite common. 


Vegan society consumes healthier food, and as a result, they live healthier lives. One of the primary things to discuss here is the vegan diet. When a person stops eating animal-based products, they focus on a healthier approach to diet. They often eat food that’s rich in fiber, protein, nutrients, antioxidants, etc. And having a proper diet will allow them to be healthier and live longer. 


In addition, the majority of vegans have a healthier lifestyle. They are more conscious about the environment and health, and they understand how a plant-based diet can be beneficial for everyone on the planet. 

Lesser Risks to Diseases

Eating meat is linked to many diseases. So, let’s start from the beginning. The first thing vegans can achieve is lowering the risk of heart disease. There have been numerous studies that show the connection between healthy diets and heart diseases. And if you compare vegans to fish eaters and those that consume meat, being a vegan is the best possible option. 


This type of diet also decreases the chances of developing a chronic illness, as well as lowers the chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Of course, a person that’s focusing on a meat-free diet is also less likely to be obese, and they have lower chances of developing different forms of cancer. 

A Plant-Based Diet Boosts Metabolism

If you are looking for different methods to help you with weight loss, going vegan might be an excellent choice. Once you switch to a low-fat diet, it can be a perfect way to kickstart the metabolism and help you lose weight. Just adapting your lifestyle and diet will be more than enough for you to start losing weight. And this means that you won’t need to work out at all. Obviously, going to the gym will be more than helpful, but you will still notice results just by getting rid of meat. 


As we mentioned earlier, being a vegan usually includes a healthier lifestyle, and people would completely eliminate dairy products, meat, and all the things that lead to obesity. 

Vegans Save the Lives of Animals

Last but not least, being a vegan will save so many lives across the globe. If everyone joined the cause, there would be no reason for animals to die. Now, many people will start with that same old argument that if they stop eating meat, nothing in the world will change. Someone else would buy that meat instead, and everything will remain the same. 


But this is not true. Every individual can make a difference. In fact, if you become a vegan, after one month, you will save thirty animals and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 600 pounds! Keep in mind that the effects of being a vegan are long-term, and your gesture can make a world of difference. And who knows, you might inspire someone else to follow in your footsteps. These vegan facts might be the thing that will help people understand the difference they can make!