About Me

I grew up in a family that loves having meat for meals. Being born in Texas means eating a lot of barbecues and sausages even in the most normal days of your lives. It’s safe to say that you will rarely meet any vegans in Texas.

So. how does one decide to become a vegan if you grew up in Texas? Well, I started traveling around the world mostly visiting dive spots in South-East Asia. That is when I became aware of the different harsh realities of animal cruelty including farming. While humans are natural carnivores, the rate of demand for meat consumption allows farms to breed, grow, and slaughter animals at an alarming rate. Not to mention other industries that use animals to produce different products like bags, shoes, honey, beauty products and the like.

I built this website to share facts about being a vegan and how different it is from a vegetarian diet. I have already accepted that not all people will adapt to a vegan lifestyle but my goal is to influence as many people as possible to be more conscious of what they consume. Finally, I hope that this website sparks change through my articles that my team and I work hard for.

Nancy Mendez